Weird at last!
Welcome to Night Vale! You could spend three years in here and probably not have spent three literal years; we're not really sure on this, but the team of scientists says time is slowing down, and they're scientists, who are we to question them? Anyway, you could spend three years but you'll probably spend a lot more. No one ever leaves.

Goodnight, dear listeners, good night.

but imagine tamika being adopted by cecil and carlos


When you do something embarrassing in front of people


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Unapproved books aren’t allowed to be read because they link to other worlds, like in the Myst series. During the downfall of the D’ni, some people quickly wrote an Age to escape to. That Age was Night Vale; it’s so unstable because it was written so quickly. The hooded figures are the D’ni which managed to escape. They take infants, hoping to rebuild their civilization, and the books in the library are the Ages they managed to save. 

what if they just ended it after missing and cecil never reported again


Listeners, people of Night Vale, it is that time of the year again.

The altars are built and the churches cleaned; I strongly suggest that if you are not hiding in your home at this moment, you must rush there now.

You do not want to be caught out there tonight, listeners, for tonight is the night of the skeletons on parade.


a cecil for my baby lyn, still using littleulvar’s design :* HOO BOY IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I PAINTED ANYTHING